Daniel Kharms
Translated in all its sheer nonsensical beauty by Nikita Pavlov

A grandmother once had waved,
And immediately train
Gave to children and proclaimed,
Drink your cornflakes and your suit.
Next day, children traveled back.
Children sat upon a fence,
Said to horses: Go to work,
Black mane creature, I will not.
Masha also ain’t like that,
As you wish, although perhaps
We can even lick the sand,
That which heavens have expressed,
Let’s get out at this station,
Howdy, howdy, Georgia,
How do we exit her
Past the awkwardly enlarged –
Not the train car, silly children –
Slowly grew a palindrome
And erupting on the train car
Didn’t give a wash to him
Who surrounded in terror
His big catch with seven oxen,
Pulled the money from a pocket,
Money graven in their face.
So there’s that, and then they festered –
All the judges said the uncle,
All the blue jays said the carcass,
E’en the body had descended
And was whistling delightfully
Though at times a little dully
And then backwards, in a way.
Uncle went to the church service,
Slinging over the arm.
Mice kept running in the apron,
Badly scratching both arms.
And the woman on the doorstep
Kept explaining, and the man,
Bending over a slope,
Dragged his fingers through the muck.

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