This page is filled with anything literary and remotely original, from short stories and poems that I've translated from Russian to clever sayings and aphorisms. Hopefully, you'll meet something you like!

Short Stories


  • "Who Cares": a poem by Vysotskiy, legendary poet, actor, and bard of late 20th century
  • "About Love in Medieval Times": a ballad inspired by Vysotskiy
  • "Letter #11": sketch by Kharms, a prominent Russian absurdist of the early 20th century
  • "Rehabilitation": another, somewhat gruesome, sketch by Kharms
  • "Train": a poem by Kharms, with its rhyme, beat, and feeling perfectly preserved (which, if you've tried translating, you know is tough)
  • Selected Kharms sketches from one of his collections
  • Apples, a monologue skit by the Russian comedian Zhvanetskiy

Essays & Rhetoric

Clever Randomness