Nikita Pavlov: The Expectations

Nik's Rendition of Self For the longest time, all I had was a portfolio website. While it served my needs of having something to show prospective employers so they wouldn't forget me the moment I left the interview room, the limitations were apparent... no place to put silly things roaming around my brain and my computer, no outlet for stories and occasional creative spurts, nowhere to share photos with family and friends. And thence arose this website.

What can you expect to find here? Hopefully, more than my vagrant ramblings:

  Album: Photo archives from various events I've been a part of.
  Literature: Poems I've translated, short stories I've written, and links to any outstanding online resources.
  Misc Fun: Games that I've either designed or collected. I'm always looking for honest feedback.
  Links, Etc: As the name suggests, anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.
  Portfolio: A link back to my professional website (will leave this page).

Golly, you're still here? I'm impressed. Alright then, a little schpiel about myself. Better yet, let's make it a quiz. Yes, one of those cheesy online and workplace questionnaires where you know the answer even if you haven't been a functional member of society for the past twenty years.

  1. Nationally, culturally, and linguistically, I am:
    1. American.
    2. Russian.
    3. All of the above, with some French, Canadian, and Asian-by-association thrown in for good measure.
  2. I graduated Cornell University with:
    1. A heartfelt request from the Dean of Arts and Sciences to never show my face in the state of New York ever again.
    2. A bachelor of arts in computer science and a one-course-short of a Russian major.
    3. A double major in marine biology and aerospace engineering with a minor in economics.
  3. After four years of undergrad, I:
    1. Brought my Ivy League diploma to a nearby McDonalds, where I was promptly offered a career in post-processed agricultural resource management and distribution.
    2. Went to Carnegie Mellon and got a master's degree in Entertainment Technology after just missing a job offer with Pixar.
    3. Toured Europe with a band of gypsies obsessed with the theories of relativity before serendipitously rescuing my to-be employer's daughter from a libertarian mob in Prague.
  4. Currently, I am:
    1. Street-dealing stolen office supplies for a few precious online minutes at an internet cafe.
    2. A budding effects developer and animator at DreamWorks Animation working on his first full-length feature.
    3. A Wall Street investor co-producing several major motion pictures from Warner Brothers and Paramount.

How'd you do? If you answered (b) to all of the above questions (except the first - that was the tricky one!), then congratulations - you are a reasonable human being. (If not, don't worry - neither am I. We might still end up being friends.)

Well then, forth you go and explore the rest of my site! And once you're done, blog about the entertainment value of your experience and send me the link.